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Tools for Implementing Substance Use Prevention in Missoula County Schools

This toolkit provides a general overview of prevention practices identified by the Healthy Missoula Youth Coalition. Teachers and school staff can use this information as a guide to implement a strong prevention approach that supports Missoula youth.

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This will help educators and school administrators understand the basics of best practices in substance use prevention as they decide what kind of programming they want at their schools.


This section can help educators and administrators design effective school policies regarding Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs. There are recommendations for how to prevent and respond to youth substance use in schools.

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You'll find ideas for evidence-based curriculum and interventions that can be used at your school to prevent or reduce youth substance use. 

Youth Club Meeting

If you're considering implementing youth-led after-school or lunchtime activities, this section will give you a good start. You'll learn the benefits of these types of prevention programs, how to start one, how to plan out activities, and more.


This section can help teachers find lesson plans and ideas for the classroom. This section will also help educators have conversations with their students on these topics.

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Did you know that parents are the #1 influence on whether or not a child uses substances? This section will help you give parents the tools they need to guide their children in making healthy choices. 


A special thanks to the teachers of Missoula County, without whom this toolkit would not exist!

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Contributing Authors

Left to Right: Leah Fitch-Brody, Tara Weaselhead, Josie Hayes- Johnson, Jacqueline Kline, Reagan Mecham (not pictured: Jourdyn Browning)
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