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What We Do

Our mission is to create a community where all youth can thrive and lead healthy lives. We use strategies proven to be effective to prevent youth use, such as (1) policy and law advocacy, (2) youth, parent, and school engagement, and (3) evidence-based outreach and education.

Image by Mike Erskine

Strengthen Community Collaboration

Preventing the harms related to substance use disorder (SUD) is complex, requiring collaborative work among local organizations, schools, neighborhoods, and leaders. Our coalition works with multiple agencies and individuals to address factors that increase the risk of early substance
use, and support interventions that promote
positive youth development.

Outreach and Education

Coalition members provide education related to youth substance use prevention for local school personnel, parents, youth and local leaders. Presentations and outreach include the potential harms related to early use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and other drugs, as well as what we can do to help prevent those harms. 

Giving a Lecture

Change Local Conditions

Early substance use is NOT inevitable. There are a variety of conditions in any community that either make youth more or less likely to use substances. Our coalition promotes local policies, laws, and norms in our community that are proven to reduce rates of youth use. 

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